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Vibha co-organizes C20 Education Working Group Summit on Digital Transformation in Public Schools

Atlanta, GA, July 21, 2023: Vibha, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality education to underprivileged children, co-organized the C20 Education Working Group Summit on ‘Digital Transformation in Public Schools.’ along with Mata Amritanandamayi Centers, U.S.A., and the Consulate General of India, Atlanta. The event was held on Sunday, June 25, in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was a resounding success, achieving its objective of fostering dialogue and generating policy recommendations for the digital transformation of public schools.

“Policy making is a slow grind. But, a well-considered policy with inputs from all sections of people – especially civil society- is worth the effort. Vibha is proud that we have contributed to this endeavor,” said Vijay Vemulapalli, Board Member, Vibha.

The C20 Education Summit, held under the purview of the C20 Education and Digital Transformation Working Group, brought together distinguished experts, policymakers, and educators to discuss the pressing need for digital transformation in public schools. With the event’s primary objective of deliberating on the role of digital transformation in equitable education, participants aimed to conceptualize policy recommendations that the C20 chair will present to the G20 Leaders.

Raj Vuchatu

The summit commenced with welcoming remarks by Raj Vuchatu, followed by the ceremonial Lighting of the Lamp, symbolizing knowledge and wisdom. The Honorable Consul General of India Dr. Swati Vijay Kulkarni delivered the keynote speech, where she emphasized the importance of inclusion and collaboration in shaping the future of public education.

Consul General Dr. Swati Kulkarni lights the ceremonial lamp as the other speakers and guests look on.

“G20 is a people-centric occasion where Civil society is involved, and India’s G20 presidency exemplifies it. I am delighted that this C20 Education and Digital Transformation Working Group summit is being organized here in Atlanta by Mata Amritanandamayi Centers of U.S.A. and Vibha. The keywords to note here are Inclusion and Collaboration,” said Dr. Kulkarani.

Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya from the M.A. Center delivered a warm welcome and introduction speech, setting the tone for the engaging discussions that were to follow.

Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya

“As pointed out by Amma in her video message, let the digital transformation of the education system take in its stride a change in the stereotypical approach, wherein students are encouraged to think “how can I GIVE” more than “how can I get” from the education I receive,” said Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya.

The event featured an impressive lineup of invited expert speakers who shared their insights and expertise. Padma Bhushan Dr. Jagdish Sheth from Emory University provided valuable perspectives on the role of technology in education.

Dr. Jag Sheth

“Digital transformation of all institutions is universal and inevitable. There is no way of resisting it. We must adjust and adapt to the emerging technology,” said Dr. Sheth.

Dr. Revi Sterling, an expert on gender equality in technology and education from CARE, contributed to the discussions by highlighting the importance of inclusivity in the digital age.

Dr. Revi Sterling

“The most significant divide before was urban and rural, young and old, caste and religion, male and female; but now, the divide is between people who have information and those who don’t. We must bridge this gap,” said Dr. Sterling.

Dr. Julie Brennen

Julie Brennen, representing the Mentor Me Program and My Forsyth Magazine, shared her experiences as a volunteer and a mentor in this critical digital age.

“To be Impactful, we should truly consider volunteering and mentoring. When you volunteer, you become a little extra; you become a lot larger than who you are.”, said Ms. Brennen.

Vijay Vemulapalli

Vijay Vemulapalli, Vibha’s Board Member, skillfully moderated an engaging Q&A session, allowing participants to delve deeper into the topics. His thoughtful and intelligent questions sparked enlightening discussions and brought forth valuable perspectives from the audience and panelists alike.

The summit concluded on a high note, with Mr. Vemulapalli delivering a heartfelt vote of thanks to all participants, speakers, and organizers.

Vibha was honored to co-host this prestigious event and extend its gratitude to the Mata Amritanandamayi Centers of the U.S.A., the Indian Consulate, and all the participants for their invaluable contributions.

Vibha is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality education to underprivileged children by transforming learning levels in Public Schools. With a strong belief in the transformative power of education, Vibha strives to ensure every child has access to high-quality public education. Through various volunteer lead initiatives and government and grassroots-nonprofit partnerships, Vibha has positively impacted the lives of 3 Million Children. To learn more about Vibha and its work, please visit

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