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The Serial Influencer: New book provides comprehensive toolkit to enhance influencing skills

In “The Serial Influencer,” Akkshada Maniyan offers a roadmap for navigating the complexities of influence in the modern workplace, empowering readers to cultivate meaningful connections, drive change, and shape their professional trajectories. As the dynamics of influence continue to evolve, her insights serve as a beacon of guidance for individuals seeking to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.


In a world marked by rapid shifts and dynamic changes, the art of influence has taken on a new dimension. Akkshada Maniyan, an Atlanta-based talent development leader, through her book, “The Serial Influencer,” dives deep into the complexities of modern influence and comes up with practical strategies designed to help individuals at every step of their career and life.

“The Serial Influencer” presents a fresh perspective on influence in the workplace, acknowledging the profound transformations brought about by recent events such as the global pandemic, the great resignation, and the emergence of Gen Z in the workforce.

At the core of “The Serial Influencer” are 24 strategies and over a hundred practical tips designed to empower individuals at every stage of their career. Akkshada outlines a four-step process—awareness, articulation, action, and amplification—that forms the foundation of serial influencing. From understanding stakeholders’ needs to effective storytelling and project management, the book provides a comprehensive toolkit for enhancing one’s influencing skills.

Akkshada emphasizes that serial influencing transcends the traditional paradigm of one-off victories or negotiations. Instead, it involves a continuous process of building credibility, trust, and meaningful partnerships with stakeholders. By embracing this approach, individuals can position themselves as subject matter experts and propel their careers forward.

Akkshada draws inspiration from her own journey, marked by lessons learned through both successes and setbacks. As she reflects on her experience of building and leading teams, she emphasizes the importance of pausing, reflecting, and consciously aligning actions with the needs of the business. Her motivation stems from a desire to share practical insights and strategies that go beyond common knowledge, offering readers practical tips in navigating the complexities of influence.

Contrary to the traditional notion of influence, Akkshada broadens the definition to encompass individuals across various domains, not limited to the corporate world. Whether at home, on social media, or in professional settings, everyone has the opportunity to wield influence. The essence lies in consistency and relevance, rather than sheer follower count. Serial influencers distinguish themselves by their ability to consistently deliver value and engage their audience through meaningful actions, she says.

Since its release, “The Serial Influencer” has garnered praise for its simplicity, practicality, and relevance to diverse audiences. From corporate executives to social media influencers, readers have found resonance in its conversational tone and actionable insights. The book’s emphasis on understanding and addressing the needs of others has struck a chord with professionals seeking to enhance their influencing capabilities.

In light of ongoing shifts such as the rise of Gen Z and the prevalence of hybrid work environments, Akkshada emphasizes the importance of effective communication and adaptability. Serial influencers must leverage their influence to bridge generational gaps and navigate the nuances of remote working. By prioritizing empathy, understanding, and strategic planning, professionals can thrive in an ever-changing landscape, she says.

Akkshada’s parting advice to aspiring serial influencers is to embrace a mindset of continuous improvement and reflection. Success in influence comes not from immediate triumphs but from a willingness to learn, adapt, and strategize for the long term.Top of Form

About Akkshada Maniyan: Drawing upon two decades of expertise in coaching, talent development, and people operations, Akkshada Maniyan spearheads Learning and Organizational Development at Innovaa Solutions—a leading global provider of digital transformation solutions. Through her strategic leadership, Akkshada has orchestrated the department’s remarkable growth from a single member to an expansive international team of over 40 professionals.

Akkshada has worked with renowned global firms including IBM, GlobalFoundries, Amazon, and Deloitte driving talent programs for over 50,000 employees. She has optimized her background as a Columbia University Certified Executive Coach and mastery in incorporating various personality assessment tools to impact over 10,000 leaders and learners.

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