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Raj and Aradhana Asava, California organizations raise $50,000 for COVID-19 crisis in India

Los Angeles, CA, June 23, 2021: This is a story of three entities that didn’t know each other, but out of their compassion and vision, collaboratively raised $50,000 to help their fellow human beings in India.

In April 2021, the United States experienced a steady decline in the COVID-19 cases, resulting in portions of the economy opening-up. However, for people in India, the worst had just begun due to the second wave of the pandemic. The new variant of concern doubled the number of infections and deaths in the nation of 1.3 billion in population, sparking a humanitarian crisis due to the shortage of medical resources for critically ill patients, resulting in an alarming number of people losing their lives.

In response to this crisis, Dallas-based philanthropists and founders of the HungerMitao movement, Raj and Aradhana Asava, initiated a matching donation challenge on Facebook of $25,000 and raised $12,343.

Concurrently Los Angeles-based Taiwan Center Foundation of Greater Los Angeles spearheaded a fundraiser in the Taiwan American community in LA, raising $11,620.00 from many generous donors and sent their funds to Pasadena based non-profit Hindu Temple and Heritage Foundation (HTHF) to arrange to send to India.

The three entities combined fundraising efforts – Taiwan Center Foundation’s $11,620.00 and HTHF’s donation of $1,037, were added to the $12,343 raised by Raj & Aradhana Asava challenge on Facebook for a total of $25,000. This was matched by a donation of $25,000 from Raj & Aradhana Asava – resulting in a total donation of $50,000.

These funds will be sent to India through Indiaspora, to help set-up COVID-19 Care Centers. The 10 bed COVID-19 Care Center, for a period of three critical months, will provide over 120 patients care for seven days each; and 7,000 people will be benefitted through outpatient services and utilization of various logistical support.

A true story of what humans can achieve when they put their hearts and minds together!

In addition, responding to the same crisis in May, HTHF also raised $17,500 to send 2,000 oxygen concentrators and help setup an oxygen plant in India.

For additional information on the organizations involved, visit:

Raj & Aradhana Asava ( – Indiaspora (

Taiwan Center Foundation of Greater Los Angeles –

Hindu Temple and Heritage Foundation –

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