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Mango lassi and masala chai named best non-alcoholic beverages in the world

TasteAtlas has ranked Mango Lassi and Masala Chai as the second and third best non-alcoholic beverages in the world, respectively, in their annual Top 100 list. These beloved Indian drinks have been celebrated for their unique flavors and cultural significance, cementing their place in the hearts of beverage enthusiasts globally.

Mango Lassi Takes the No. 2 Spot

Claiming the No. 2 position is Mango Lassi, a refreshing drink that has gained immense popularity far beyond its Indian origins. This luscious beverage combines yogurt (dahi) with fresh mango, often enhanced with cardamom, water, and occasionally sugar. The mixture is blended until creamy and frothy, creating a delightful drink that is best served chilled. Renowned for its sweet and tangy flavor, Mango Lassi has become a staple in Indian restaurants worldwide, offering a taste of traditional Indian hospitality and culinary art.

Masala Chai Ranks at No. 3

Hot on its heels, Masala Chai secures the No. 3 spot. This aromatic and spiced tea has a rich history rooted in Indian culture. Made with sweetened black tea, milk, and a fragrant blend of spices such as cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and black peppercorns, Masala Chai offers a complex and soothing flavor profile. The exact mix and proportions of spices can vary, reflecting personal and regional preferences. Originating during the British colonial period when the British sought alternative tea markets to break the Chinese monopoly, Masala Chai has since evolved into a beloved daily ritual for many.

Aguas Frescas from Mexico Tops the List

Leading the list at No. 1 is Aguas Frescas from Mexico. These refreshing drinks are a mix of fruits, cucumbers, flowers, seeds, and cereals blended with sugar and water. The name translates to “fresh waters,” and these beverages are a common sight at bodegas and eateries across Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. They have also found popularity in Mexican caf├ęs and taquerias across the United States.

TasteAtlas: A Guide to Traditional Cuisine

TasteAtlas, an experiential travel online guide, is known for its dedication to traditional foods. The platform features nearly 10,000 dishes, drinks, and ingredients, as well as 9,000 restaurants. It offers authentic recipes, food critic reviews, and research articles, providing a comprehensive culinary map for food enthusiasts. Despite the acclaim for Indian beverages, the platform has also spotlighted less favored dishes, such as ranking aloo-baingan among its 100 worst-rated foods.

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