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Jagdip H Vaishnav

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Reserve Bank of India/Indian Banks discriminates Non Resident Indians —
[1] Non Resident term deposit in Indian Rupee [Repatriable] has lock in period
of one year so to get benefit of Interest on deposit, same lock in period continues
even after renewal of Term deposits. Same rule of lock in period is not applicable
to Domestic Term Depositors This is injustice to Non Resident Term depositors
[2] Reserve Bank of India /Indian Banks do not accept property tax bill issued by the
authority as proof of address proof, though property tax Bill contains.address of the
property ,name of the property owner. Reserve Bank merely reads manual on the subject
but manual of Instructions are guidelines ,not final instructions
Jagdip H Vaishnav
Mumbai [India ]

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From: 02:00 – To: 03:30

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Banking,nri news

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