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“It is essential that we all exercise our vote”

By Dr. Mathew Joys and Anil Augustine

It’s a truth that whatever perspectives written (pro, neutral or anti) pertaining to President Trump attracts herculean trolls in mass-media platforms irrespective of the doctrine-schools of these platforms!

Indian mass-media vectors are no different with respect to the response to Trump-ism either. The trolls on the topic are tremendous and truly hilarious! The real reason causing these Trump-mania is surely worthy of an academic social research; maybe it’s the angst against the Republican Party or is it specific to the Trump-hate deeds? Only time can tell!

There is a common assumption that P.I.O’s are of Democratic Party leaning, however when looked at a larger realistic perspective, that assumption doesn’t hold much content to us. The Governor-ous success of Smt. Haley and Shri. Jindal stands seconding these facts!

Not ignoring the fact that many of our Indian immigrants have immensely benefited from the Democratic Party’s liberal immigration policies, as much as any other immigrant pools of the world.

It is worth recognizing that, the policies of Trump administration stands appreciable with respect to anti-abortion, ambitious Walling national safety perspectives, Immigration issues such as Green-card benefits abuses, illegal immigration and falls in the documented immigration etc..

Religious faith and political convictions are purely individuals’ choice and prerogatives. There certainly would be reasonable reasons for holding such individual perspectives. Hence it is not worthy enough to assume that my personal political perspectives are correct and the counter perspective is absolute wrong. When we look from the counterparts’ view and circumstance only we will be able to assimilate the true reasons of the perspective in question. Just because a Bishop or pastor happened to support a particular candidate, we do not have to endorse his views blindly. Just because a President removed the Holy Bible from the White House, or another President reinstated it, it absolutely not impacting any educated voter in this well informed age of mass communication.

When looked into the recent American history (between 1930 to 1990) with an unbiased political eye, it is visible that the at the midterm elections Democratic Party successfully enabled themselves noticeable achievements. However in the immediate past 20 years, other than the 2006 and 2008 elections it was the Republican party who stood yielding marginal success.

The election forecast of ABC News ( is prophesying about a democratic addition gathering 19 to 60 seats at the US House of Representatives. They are expecting a very clear Democratic lead in the Eastern-Western border zones, courtesy to the Left leaning Democratic edge. This forecast is giving this region an increased lead of 8.8% of the popular vote in this region favoring Democrats. This may result in 84.6% control of Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Out of the 35 seats that are for grabs in the US Senate, It is almost certain that Democrats will retain 18 and Republicans will hold on to 7 of the for sure. The remaining 10 are the swing seats. In the Electoral College politics, there is a strategic formula called “Tipping Point Chance” and this equation differs from state to state. Nevada has the highest point of 13.6%; whereas Montana has only 3.2% to compare with. Both the parties deploy the PR resources in appropriation to this strategic formula. It is assumed that Democrats are holding enough resources to spend in the expensive media rates that are close to the election dates, and that is evidently visible as well in certain swing seats. Democratic candidate Mr. Joe Manchin, has spent almost 3 times than his Republican opponent Mr. Patrick Morrisey, in the West Virginia. (Mr. Joe Manchin is the incumbent Senator running for reelection and Mr. Patrick Morrissey is the WV Attorney General). Almost the same is the scenario in AZ, NV, ND, and  FL. While the incumbent Republican Senator Mr. Dean Heller has spend $16M, Ms. Jacky Rosen, the Democratic nominee in Nevada has already spent $28M there in TV ads alone! As well is the status in Ohio – The incumbent Democratic Senator Sherrod brown has spent more money than the Republican candidate Mr. Jim Renacci.

On the contrary in the States of IN, MO, TN etc, the Republican candidates are overspending their opponents. It will be a real tough race for Democrats to win the States where President Trump took leading edge. So far it was a marginal game for Republicans at the 51-49 senate equation. Prof. Dr. Larry Sabato, Founder director of Center for Politics, at University of Virginia is of the opinion that it will be sheer luck for Democrats incase if they could retain the current 49 seats.

When forecasts and conclusions such these are being proposed and derived by political experts, the end result depends upon our individual choices – to vote or not to? Herewith, prayerfully wishing that our choice be correct as well the representative who succeeds in the election will protect, represent and secure our needs at their assumed public office.

It is essential that we all exercise our vote.

Irrespective of the political affiliation or the absence of any specific party leaning, it is essential that we positively participate in the electoral process. “VOTE IF THE VOICES YOU HEAR DO NOT SPEAK FOR YOU”.

Hence urging everyone among us to please get out and vote, please!

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