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How to apply makeup. Niti Luthra doles out tips

Professional makeup artists have gone one step ahead in creating new looks and enhancing one’s persona, and capital-based Niti Luthra says makeup isn’t just a profession for her, it’s a passion.

Luthra specialises in varied makeup techniques like theatrical, traditional, beauty and high-fashion, and has been trained under renowned Bollywood makeup artist Baba Mero.

She tells IANS different makeup techniques and procedures that women opt for:

High Fashion Makeup: It involves a lot of creativity. One can create anything louder with a lot of colour variations. It can also be a combination of two or three colours with smoked up corner of the eyes.

The base should be stronger. Play with colours to highlight the eyes, blush can be of mid-tone. Apply brighter shades on lips depending on the requirement of the shoots and shows.

Beauty Makeup: It is equivalent to no makeup look. Use light and nude shades to enhance each and every feature of the face with lighter application. Base is absolutely neutral and skin should look flawless. If the makeup is for day, the base should be lighter, but if it is for shoot, base should be heavier while giving a natural look.

For eyes, use colours like champagne, beige, light peach. Use a brown liner to enhance the eyes. Kohl is not used in beauty shots. One can use skin colour pencil for the rim of the eyes. For lips, nude shades close to your skin tone can be used.

Traditional Makeup: It depends on the client’s requirement. It can be a mixture of colours like gold and copper. Mostly warm colours are preferred. One can always play with shades like green and purple.

Base should be lighter and look flawless. The products used should be waterproof and smudge proof as touchups can’t be done. For eyes, choose colours according to the dress like gold, copper. Extend the liner outwards as it gives more traditional look. Brighter shades for lips like red are more preferred.

Theatrical Makeup: It is generally loud. One can play with a lot of colours and variations. It involves lot of creativity. Base is thicker with louder eyes. Eyes and lips colours depends on requirement of the show.

Dos and Don’ts for Day Makeup: Avoid foundations as it gives a sticky look. Go for concealing and powdering for flawless effect. Eye shadow has to be of lighter colour like peach, light brown and beige. Don’t use kohl at all. Mascara or liner should be waterproof and smudge proof. Avoid cream-based blushers and shadows. Lips can be neutral, light peach or pink.

Dos and Don’ts for Evening Makeup: Smoky look is preferred. Use earthy colours like ash brown, grey and kohl. Mascara or liner should be waterproof and smudge proof. Use darker shades with natural tones. For lips, play with brighter shades like red and coral. It has to be matt based and non-transferable.

Tips to Tackle Weather-Related Problems: Makeup usually melts in the hot and humid weather. So before makeup, wash your face and apply ice cubes as it helps control the sweat and make up stays for a longer period. Use primer for smoother base. Powder your face for a radiant look. After makeup, use fixing sprays by Mac for intact makeup.

Always use products with liquid base or powder base and avoid using cream and oil-based products like eye shadows, lipsticks, blushers as it will have a sticky effect on your face.

Always use concealer as it helps to make a smoother base. Liner and mascara should be waterproof and smudge proof.

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