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Girl’s Organs Go Missing after Vacation Death in Punjab; Parents Demand Probe

Gurkiren Kaur Loyal
Gurkiren Kaur Loyal


An 8-year-old Birmingham girl who died while vacationing in Punjab was missing all her internal organs when she returned to Britain, according to her parents.

BBC reports that Gurkiren Kaur died moments after a doctor treating her for dehydration in Khanna, Punjab gave her an injection, according to her family.

When her body was returned to the U.K., it was found to be missing all of her internal organs. The organs have still not been located. Her grief-stricken family believes they may have been removed for sale.

Amrit Kaur Loyal, her mother, told Sky News: “As soon as he inserted it in her cannula her eyes rolled over. Her neck flipped up and the left hand that I was holding, she released that. Her arm flipped up as well and then her color went all greyish-whitish, her mouth was left open and my little girl was no more.

“I was screaming at the assistant, saying what they hell have you given my daughter? What have you done to her? He wouldn’t answer me. He just stood there like a statue.”
The family tried to rush the girl to a hospital, but it was too late.

Gurkiren’s family said the Indian police and medical authorities made little attempt to investigate the death.

Her mother said: “Up until now we still don’t know why my daughter died, because India hasn’t released any form of documentation relating to her post-mortem.”

Medical authorities in India say the organs have been sent for chemical analysis and the cause of death is still pending, Sky News reported. There has also been a statement issued from the clinic where Gurkiren was initially treated.

It denies that any injection was administered and says that the youngster was still alive when she left the clinic to be taken to the hospital.

Gurkiren’s father Santokh Singh Loyal told Sky News: “I only want to request to both governments, the Indian government and the British government. I kindly request you, please bring my daughter’s organs back into this country and I want a further inquiry. What has happened to my daughter?”

A member of parliament in the girl’s home city of Birmingham, England, has demanded an international investigation into the case. Shabana Mahmood, a lawmaker with the opposition Labour Party, told ITV News she had raised the “deeply suspicious circumstances” of the case with British Foreign Secretary William Hague, reports

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