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Atlanta gas station cashier, associate held for staging elaborate robbery for insurance money


Atlanta, GA, March 11, 2024: The Duluth gas station robbery incident involving the cashier on duty, Raj Patel, and Danny Curtis has turned out to be an elaborate hoax, according to the police.

On January 21, the Duluth Police Department responded to a reported armed robbery at a Shell gas station off Buford Highway. Patel, who manned the store, claimed he had been attacked by an unknown man wearing all black, who allegedly stole $5,000 from the cash register after assaulting him. The incident gained widespread attention when security camera footage circulated on social media, showing Curtis throwing a seemingly weak punch at Patel, who promptly collapsed.

Subsequent investigations led to the arrest of Patel and Curtis on charges of conspiring to commit a felony, among other counts.

There were inconsistencies in Patel’s account. He claimed he was attacked with a knife, yet no visible marks were found on his face during the police investigation.

Despite Patel’s account of being hit in the face and passing out, security footage showed Curtis delivering what appears to be a weak punch.

The seemingly theatrical nature of Curtis’ punch and Patel’s immediate collapse raised suspicions, investigations told local media.

After Patel said the suspect used a side door to leave, the officer went out that same door, running into Curtis by the dumpsters. Patel said Curtis worked there, and Curtis claimed he didn’t see anything, reports Atlanta First.

However, video footage showed a suspect walking out of the side door and changing clothes twice by the dumpster. Police detained Curtis and asked for the dumpster key. Dollar bills fell out of Curtis’ pocket as he pulled the key out, the incident report said.

Patel told police that Curtis was an employee of the gas station and was not to blame for the robbery. But later, during police questioning, Curtis admitting to staging the robbery and taking the cash, but insisted that elaborate hoax was Patel’s idea.

Their motive? Curtis would keep the stolen cash, and Patel would receive insurance money.

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The fraudster is Patel, easy way to get rich.


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