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Garudavega Shipping Oxygen Concentrators to India

(Paid partnership with GarudaVega)

The COVID-19 resurgence has had a devastating impact across the globe. India is facing a health crisis as the number of cases continues to rise unabated. Oxygen has become scarce for needing patients.

To help with the situation, GarudaVega has started shipping Oxygen Concentrators between customer to customer (C2C) on a non-profit basis (at cost) on their website (

For Pallet cargo/commercial shipments please e-mail to with contact details.

“We at GarudaVega are very excited to announce the launch of new USA-to-Anywhere and USA Domestic shipping Portal, on our newly designed website. Using the new portal you can create and schedule a shipment for drop-off or pick up and print the label,” said a statement issued by GarudaVega.

GarudaVega’s USA Domestic & USA-to-Anywhere services are offered at the lowest prices (50%-60% cheaper than FedEx & DHL) with a FREE pickup option.

Corporate institutions can get additional discounts. Please visit for more details.

From India, Garudavega ships all over the world including USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Middle East and 200 other countries. We are the most competent, reliable and trusted service provider.

Garudavega has expanded to 250+ branches all over India including the Metros of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and the states of Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana and Kerala.

“GarudaVega is not just a delivery service, it’s a bridge between you and your loved ones in a distant land. Garudavega and GarudaBazaar thank you from the bottom of our heart for your continued support.” the statement added.

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