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Dr. Nazeera Dawood and Vendorship team honored at Georgia State Capitol for societal contributions

Atlanta, GA, February 17, 2022: The Georgia House of Representatives read and adopted House Resolution 591 recognizing January 19, 2022, as Dr. Nazeera Dawood Reaffirmation of Diversity in Patriotism Day. The House Resolution 591 was sponsored by State Rep. Angelika Kausche, and cosponsored by State Reps. Todd Jones and Josh McLaurin.

Nazeera previously received a proclamation from Fulton County recognizing Oct 1 as Dr. Nazeera Dawood Appreciation Day. After almost eight years of employment at the County as a Health Promotion Division Director and as Chief of Staff of the Chairman’s Office of Board of Commissioners  she departed from county employment in mid-2017 and initiated Vendorship Inc. in January of 2018.

Vendorship recently celebrated its five-year anniversary with a brand launch event on January 12, 2022. The event was held virtually but that did not stop over sixty supporters from attending to share reaching the exciting milestone. Company associates, public officials, clients, partners and supporters are strong advocates for this socially responsible brand.

The Vendorship team visited the Georgia State Capitol for a tour and were honored with the Resolution for their contribution and service to the Greater Atlanta community. State Rep. Angelika Kausche presented the Resolution and wished the team much success in future endeavors.

From 1st row from top left to right: Pundi Narasimhan, Pam Leinmiller, Darryl Ricardo Matthews Sr
2nd row: State Rep Angelika Kausche, Seema Kohli, Arunima Chakrabarty, Nazeera Dawood, Madhu Chatterji, Remya Raju, Tanne Marie.

Vendorship’s team now includes several business development advisors and core-committed business partners Madhu Chatterji, Seema Chopra Kohli, Remya Raju, Arunima Chakrabarty and Roland Washington.

Vendorship Inc. was established out of the need for a liaison between innovative solutions providers (in IT, construction, commodities (such as PPE) and professional services) and government offices for better functioning and the flourishing of communities they serve. Nazeera and several team members have worked in public executive administration for decades and they understand the RFP and procurement process as well as the demands that drive those requests. The RFP process is designed to be results oriented and impartial but the requirements tend to be complicated, unintentionally discouraging new innovators.

Nazeera found that too few innovative providers had the knowledge to navigate the public sector even though their technology is desperately needed. Just like any business, government entities need outside solutions for better functionality. And all businesses need new projects to grow. We work with companies, larger and small, new and well-established, to build and condense capacity to get the attention of governments, and build contractual relationships with governments over time, to solve problems and even raise more interests in specific lanes of social and structural innovation.

“The Vendorship philosophy has little to do with business and individual contractor profit as much as it does with service and advancing the capacity of communities and constituencies,” said a press release issued by the team.

“We pride ourselves in being motivated to help governments solve problems and help governments innovate quality-of-life enhancements in the delivery of public services. The Vendorship team is excited about providing government entities with a greater number of options to choose from while opening another sector to SMBs – especially female and/or minority owned and run businesses – for diversification, growth and success.”

“While our work is certainly not a new idea, our drivers and our goals are based in social entrepreneurism. We connect good ideas with community needs through the funnel of business interests and responsive governance,” the release said.

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