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Dhoop Chaoon theater group lights up Nashville with hilarious comedy ‘Baap re Baap’


Atlanta, GA, February 20, 2024: In a delightful rendezvous of laughter and theatrical brilliance, Dhoop Chaoon Theater Group, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, took center stage in Nashville, Tennessee, on January 27th, 2024. The performance, hosted by the International Hindi Association, Nashville (Tennessee Chapter) featured the comedic gem ‘Baap re Baap,’ penned by the acclaimed satirist and writer, Padamshri KP Saxena.

The play, set against the backdrop of Lucknow, India, spins a tale around the tribulations faced by a son in search of his missing elderly father. ‘Baap re Baap’ is more than just a comedy; it artfully unravels the intricate dynamics of family relationships. As the son embarks on his quest, the family’s genuine sentiments surface, revealing a blend of emotions ranging from love and concern to hidden frustrations and quirks. The narrative takes an uproarious turn when a media advertisement offering a cash reward of ₹50,000 for anyone who can reunite the father with his family, triggers a chain of hilarious events.

The hour-and-fifteen-minute spectacle was brought to life by the skilled and dynamic performers of the Dhoop Chaoon Theater Group. Led by the adept direction and scriptwriting of Sandhya Saxena Bhagat, the play featured an ensemble cast including Premanand Goswami, Nitish Dubey, Sumana Goswami, Akansha Tiwari, Anil Bhagat, Manish Dubey, Avdhesh Bhardwaj, Asha Gupta, Puneet Ajmera, and Sidharth Garg.

The audience in Nashville embraced the production with open hearts and hearty laughter, thoroughly enjoying the comedic journey presented by Dhoop Chaoon Theater Group.

Founded in 2007 by Sandhya Saxena Bhagat, Dhoop Chaoon Theatre Group stands out as a unique theatrical entity in Atlanta, Georgia and has established itself as a beacon of cultural expression and artistic innovation in the Atlanta community. The group prides itself on being a catalyst for progressive change within the community, driven by two core objectives: the conservation and transference of the Hindi language and South Asian culture, and providing entertainment. Their productions focus is on showcasing the everyday life of common people, transforming it into vibrant and colorful theatrical anecdotes that resonate with the community.

Dhoop Chaoon has around 127 members who contribute their time and efforts to the success of each production. The group hosts productions year-round in and around Atlanta. In addition to stage productions, Dhoop Chaoon has also ventured into the world of short films and TV series, further expanding its creative footprint.

2023 was a particularly busy year for the group. They organized their first-ever theater workshop, inviting esteemed Bollywood actors Shishir Sharma and Renita Kapoor to share their expertise with aspiring thespians and are already planning the second one this year. They also traveled to Bay Area, San Francisco performing on Mohan Rakesh’s classic ‘Aadhe Adhure’ and then staged the same play at the Fifth International Hindi Conference, held at the Consulate General of India in New York. Later in the year, Dhoop Chaoon showcased their talent at the Diwali celebration of Bank of America, spreading joy and festive cheer through their captivating performances. Finally ended the year with an exceptionally successful 2023 Dhoop Chaoon annual show presenting multiple cultural items on stage.

As the group celebrates its 17th anniversary this year, it remains steadfast in its mission to entertain, educate, and inspire audiences of all ages. Dhoop Chaoon Theater Group stands as a shining example of the transformative power of theater to unite communities, celebrate diversity, and ignite the imagination.

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