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Indian jewelry has been a desirable assessor for many fashion experts for decades. The intricate detail that is stunning in the jewelry is a standard feature that always seems to tell the story of the pieces. The pieces are usually dramatic in their use of bold colors. This style of jewelry stamps from the tradition of Indian jewelry establishing who was nobility or royalty for the man of the country.

Indian jewelry has a long history associated with high quality techniques and precious materials. Much of the modern Indian jewelry produced is modeled on past periods in the history of country or/and contemporary modern styles in Indian culture as the popular Bollywood film style.

Materials used in the making of Indian jewelry include gold and silver which can be made by hammering or made into intricate filigree designs. Pieces are also crafted from clay, wood semi precious stones and beads, enamel and even risen stones including costume precious and semi-precious stones in simple or complicated settings. Manju Shah is a treasure chest of unique fusion jewelry which combine the majesty of the old with the intensity of the new. The unique and exciting collection of semi-precious stone is set in gold plated and silver inspired by the beauty of the royal jadau designs (Asian art of embedded stones). The jewelry reminiscent of a bygone era of royal palaces and prince extravagant.

The diamond collection brings together a compendium of the purest and brightest stones in a variety of settings, each making for a unique piece of body adornment for people. Pearls symbolize elegance, sophistication and style over the years they have come to symbolize longevity, prosperity, love and things rare or precious. Paulki kundan kesari is a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewelry involving a jam set with gold foil between the stones and its mounts, meenakari that involves enameling to define the designs.

Patri haar – there are six pieces with three lines all together of pearls, beads and some stones with a big pendant in the center. Toda- there are five strings in ascending order of bead size with a gucha hanging earings. Long kundan haar- is a double string almost hundred pieces with a kundan pendant with a magar earrings. Phirosa culture crystal shaded strings- this comes in seven lines with a drop diamond earrings.

There is a lot of different variety in jewelry. Some comes in different colors, precious stones with a nice big pendant. Pendants comes in diamonds, Victorian, kundan and pearl settings.
Mostly ruby, panna, neelam and pearls are used in all jewelry. The art of Indian meenakaari looks very beautiful.

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