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COVID invention: Dhoop Chhaoon uses technology to experiment with e-theatre

By Ritambhara Mittal

Atlanta, GA, May 22, 2020: Theatre is an art of life. Similarities of the journey of human life span and related inter personnel emotional and social sagas make it so special.

Today, in the testing Covid times, when the entire world is moved to a different mindset and experimenting is the new normal, theatre lovers joined the wagon as well.

Dhoop Chhaoon is Atlanta based Hindi Theatre group committed for presenting best entertainment. DC Theatre is a youth of 13 years and already proving its metal by experiments of art. Started by Sandhya Saxena Bhagat in 2007. This theatre Group is a union of many enthusiastic and talented actors. Given the world spread pandemic situation, DC annual show to be held in May 2020 was canceled last month. But nothing can stop hope and passion and a ‘quarantine special e-skit ~ ‘ EK NAAV KE SWAAR (In the same boat)’! a technology substantiation of stage play was prepared. Social media platforms were extensively utilized for rendering this piece of art. It is prepared by artists with utmost care and diligent practice of social distancing.

The show was presented on May 9 over most popular zoom meeting session and inaugurated by famous Bollywood and theatre actor Manu Rishi Chadha. It was an honor and great learning opportunity to listen to his theatre experience and acting tips and advice. In his words, “most beautiful people are who work hard and try new things”. His kind appreciation filled our hearts with thrill.

The presentation was 30 min. duration movie followed by interactive session with the celebrity actor.  The movie was a compilation of short skits on Covid situations in different walks of life including ‘ doctors life’, ‘grocery’, ’quarantine times’  ‘work from home’, ‘relationships’, ‘superstitions’,  ‘humanizing perception of Mother Nature’, ‘lover’s aisle’, ‘Barter of PPE goods’.

Short skits were enacted using tiktok, zoom, and skype free social media platforms. It was a new concept of its own and came with its own challenges and fun of taking shots, editing, acting and reviews. With spending of midnight oil, rehearsal skype calls and giggles, and labor of love and passion, this experiment was given shape. Though there is no definition of success or failure but every attempt with devotion and perseverance is worth applauds so was this. Heartfelt comments and appreciation from zoom audience and others was the token of reward. Nothing is more satisfactory than words of appreciation.

This is the beginning of e-era in Dhoop Chaoon Theatre. The promise is to bring many such performances and continue to improvise as a constant way to showcase new things in future.

EK NAAV KE SWAAR: Cast and Crew

Concept by: Sandhya Saxena Bhagat & Ritambhara Mittal

Written By: Sandhya Saxena Bhagat

Edited by: Ritambhara Mittal, Premanand Goswami, Muhmaad Asani, Anil Kanwal Bhagat

Artists: Akila Giridhran, Anil Kanwal Bhagat, Asha Gupta, Chandra Oad, Johra Master, Kamlesh Chugh, Muhmaad Asani, Neev Kamal Seedani , Premanand Goswami, Poornima Raj, Ritambhara Mittal, Shankar Mahadevan and Sumana Goswami.

For more information about Dhoop Chhaoon, Contact 404 585 7247 or visit their website

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