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Bhat Foundation gala celebrates success in education, healthcare, and community engagement

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Atlanta, GA, August 8, 2023: In a remarkable display of philanthropy and community spirit, the Subra, Anu, and Kiran Bhat Foundation, established in 2019, hosted a gala event on July 29, 2023, at the Hilton Peachtree Hotel. The event not only celebrated the Foundation’s impact on education, healthcare, and community engagement but also brought together a diverse and enthusiastic crowd to support its mission.

A major beneficiary was Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health for Diabetes Research and Treatment which received an endowment of $100,000.

The Foundation also backed NRI Pulse’s 17th-anniversary crowdfunding campaign.

“Our Foundation’s primary mission is to improve student education by stimulating and encouraging high school and college students by giving student scholarships,” said Dr Subramanya Bhat. “We also actively promote cultural and social activities.”

“Another major goal of the Foundation is to improve the health of low-income and underprivileged people,” added Dr. Anu Bhat.

The event’s activities and achievements were a testament to the Foundation’s commitment to making positive changes in society.

One of the event’s focal points was a community service segment held during the afternoon, designed to raise awareness about Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). Esteemed medical professionals such as Dr. Surabhi Arjunan and Dr. Brij Gulati spoke to patients and their families. More than 100 patients actively participated, signifying a collective effort to spread healthcare awareness. The segment was not just informative; it was interactive and engaging. Patients not only learned about the disease but also showcased their talents in a captivating fashion show. This approach demonstrated the Foundation’s holistic perspective on healthcare education.

The gala evening drew a crowd of over 200 attendees, underscoring the Foundation’s connection with the community. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of scholarships to Henry County High School students pursuing careers in the medical field, and Kannada Koota students. This move underscored the Foundation’s commitment to education and its dedication to nurturing the next generation of leaders. The scholarship application process was judged by University Professors Dr. Venkat Narayan, Dr. Massi Sambhandham, Dr. Manjeet Chinan, and Dr. Swafford, lending further credibility to the Foundation’s scholarship program.

The Foundation’s comprehensive approach to community support was on full display, as it donated to a diverse array of organizations encompassing public health, education, arts, media and social welfare. This demonstrated the Foundation’s holistic dedication to making a positive impact across various domains.

Apart from Emory’s Rollins’ School and NRI Pulse, other beneficiaries included Clayton State University, Nrupathunga Kannada Koota, Sewa International, Virtuous Women Life Academy, Arts Clayton, Good Shepherd Clinic, Saris to Suits, House of Dawn, IACA, and Naada Arts Academy.

The Foundation also took the opportunity to recognize community leaders who have made significant philanthropic contributions. This gesture emphasized the Foundation’s mission to inspire others to actively engage in giving back to the community.

Entertainment and cultural engagement added an extra layer of excitement and celebration to the event. The Naada Arts Academy, alongside local artists and a captivating fashion show, brought a lively and festive atmosphere to the occasion. These entertainment elements seamlessly aligned with the Foundation’s goal of fostering a vibrant and engaged community.

The event’s diverse activities showcased the Foundation’s commitment to its mission.

As the Foundation continues its journey of creating positive change, its impact is expected to reverberate even further, enriching the lives of countless individuals and contributing to the betterment of society at large.

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