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Backless outfits in vogue; shape up your back

Sexy backs are in! Celebrities and fashionistas are endorsing backless outfits to flaunt their well-shaped and flawless backs. To ape the style divas, experts suggest stretching, crystal polishing and homemade packs like egg peel and ‘batna’ (a paste of gram flour and honey) to get a radiant and attractive body.

Backless attire has become the vogue at red carpet events – from international celebrities like Eva Longoria, Cheryl Cole, Jane Fonda to Indian divas Freida Pinto and Sonam Kapoor, all were seen oozing oomph in them and inspiring others to ape them.

“Women have become conscious about their bodies and they like to follow the latest trends. That includes sexy low-back outfits. Be it a gown or simple sari-blouse, backless attire is the trend,” designer Arpan Vohra told IANS.

However, before choosing backless dresses, get a well-toned back.

A lot of effort goes in getting that sexy back, said Rohit Batra, senior cosmetic dermatologist at Ganga Ram Hospital.

“Starting from a toned body with no flab or love handles requires a healthy lifestyle, workout and exercise. So, getting a clean back is a difficult, but possible exercise,” Batra told IANS.

Also apart from being well-toned, a sexy back needs to be hair-free.

“Waxing makes the skin thick and loose, hence it’s not the answer. Rubbing the back to clean it can instead lead to hyper-pigmentation further leading to a condition called macular amyloidosis,” said Batra.

“Many women are getting laser hair reduction that not only clears the hair but also gives a shine to back and, at the same time, keeps it soft,” he added.

Exercises come in handy to get a flawless back. Stretching, side crunches and squats help tone and shape it up.

Most women are obsessed with the face, hands and legs but ignore their back. But such areas are more prone to pigmentation apart from tans and pimple breakouts.

“Use baby oil or primer to remove black spots and uneven skin tones. Also, crystal polishing is the best way to get a sheen on the back and it also increases the glow,” makeover consultant Aashmeen Munjaal told IANS.

“Apply proper foundation and no patches should be visible on the back. Keep a shine spray, called an illuminating spray. It will accentuate the shape and the bones of your back,” she also suggested.

If that is out of reach or impractical, go for granny’s homemade packs and scrubs.

“The ideal home remedy for a toned back is ‘batna’. It is made with rose petals, milk or milk cream, honey, turmeric and gram flour. Apply the mixture on your back, keep it for 15 minutes and then scrub it off with the help of someone,” said Munjal.

An egg peel can also be useful.

To make an egg peel, mix rose petals, milk or milk cream, honey, turmeric paste or powder, gram flour and the white of an egg for oily skin and the yoke for dry skin.

“Apply it on your back and keep it for 15 minutes and then peel it off. Do it once a week to get a radiant back,” Munjal added.

Apart from all this, two important things have to be kept in mind while choosing a backless dress – the right occasion and the right fit.

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