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A quick reference for Statistics using R

The intention of this book is to quickly introduce the complex concepts of Statistics, especially Managerial Statistics, through different situations depicted in the problems. The solution to the problems can be sought through R.

R is an open source language, which has a rich source different packages being contributed by many statisticians. RStudio is the best available Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for R.  R/RStudio are available for free to download and install for different operating systems in desktops/laptops.

This book is organized into 6 chapters pertaining to Descriptive Statistics and the commonly used statistical tests in Inferential Statistics viz.  T-tests, F-tests.

The book is in Q&A format thereby facilitating the reader to understand the situations of application without getting into the complexity of formula or theory and directly delve into solution to the problem.  In the process, the reader understands quickly where certain tests are used.  The corresponding solution to the problem contains the R function/Code applied to that context. Hence the reader also immediately understands the format/syntax of the R Functions used. The reader can practice the same on R /RStudio which can be installed in systems. The book values the time of the reader and does not believe in wasting it by providing instant gratification. The solutions to the problems can very well be extended to similar problems given in other texts on Statistics.

Rapid Statistics using R is written by Dr. Kartikeya Bolar, Associate Professor and Area Co-Chair Operations and Information Science, T A Pai  Management Institute, Manipal,India.  The book is available in print and online editions. The softcopy is available at and paperback copies are available at

Views of some of the readers

The book is very simple and easy to understand. The problems are solved using R and it gives an exposure to different statistical tools. Applying the concepts to real scenarios will be easy. The problems are framed in such a way that it would be pretty much useful for management students and people interested in analysing real time data using. This gives an opportunity to learn both statistical tools and R language for solving them. -Nidheesh K, Management Student

A very crisp and hands on approach, presented in a simple format. This is very good material for students and professionals to get introduced to R and statistics. – Manu S,  Technology Management Specialist

It is a great book covering inferential statistics as well as hypothesis tests in a concise, easy to understand format. R code is clearly delineated. -Aditya R, Research Student

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