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Kids do us proud! Calling all 4-12 yr-olds to submit essays, poems, drawings, paintings, riddles, fun facts, quizzes, anecdotes, Yu-gi-oh strategies...
Pls email your contributions to Selected entries will be published in this column.
Dr B. Ramesh Chandra Rao is a retd. professor and  AICTE - Emeritus Fellow at the Department of Applied Zoology, Mangalore University, India.
Test Your Vocabulary
Click here for an exciting New Interactive Quiz by Dr Ramesh Chandra Rao. Good luck kids!!
Hey kids. Keep a sheet of paper and pen handy. Here are 20 words. Test yourself on their meanings by writing your selection from one of the 
key words. Please scroll down for answers and vocabulary ratings.

1. Akin: (a) to cut off (b) similar to (c) related by blood (d) a kind of skin

2. Alias: (a) to come to rest (b) an assumed name (c) same in appearance (d) a liar

3. Affidavit: (a) a written declaration (b) a written instruction (c) a court order (d) a sworn certificate

4. Advert: (a) to prevent (b) to lift (c) to change (d) to refer

5. Apt: (a) to opt (b) to split (c) fitting (d) graceful

6. Abeyance: (a) suspension (b) admission (c) absent (d) variation

7. Append: (a) to humiliate (b) to add (c) to agree (d) to remove

8. Aboral: (a) near the mouth (b) away from the mouth (c) resembling a tree (d) to detest

9. Aestivation: (a) dormancy (b) distress (c) disease (d) sleeping

10. Abysmal: (a) hidden (b) betray (c) topless (d) bottomless

11. Anomaly: (a) abnormal deviation (b) non-functional male organ (c) abnormal male (d) diminutive

12. Adze: (a) sharp knife (b) hand cutting tool (c) sword (d) agricultural instrument

13. Amour: (a) a love affair (b) to murmur as in grief (c) a wine made from grapes (d) to remove

14. Absistence: (a) assistance (b) self respect (c) self control (d) birth control

15. Assiduously (a) make sure (b) bitterly (c) fearlessly (d) persistently

16. Assuefacation: (a) habituation (b) opposition (c) friendship (d) assurance

17. Aufait: (a) strength (b) daring (c) conversant (d) silly

18. Axiomatic: (a) the armpit (b) sleep producing (c) stone dressing hammer (d) self-evident

19. Acne: (a) top (b) sharp (c) pimples (d) turning point

20. Ameliorate: (a) to humiliate (b) to make better (c) to make rich (d) to appease

1. c
2. b
3. a
4. d
5. c
6. a
7. b
8. b
9. a
10. d
11. a
12. b
13. a
14. c
15. d
16. a
17. c
18. d
19. a
20. b

Vocabulary Ratings
20 to 18 correct - excellent
18 to 15 correct - good
14-12 correct - fair

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Vijay Aggarwal is a software engineer working in the United States for about ten years now. He has been using technology to bring 3D and animation into books, magazines, catalogs etc. on the computers. The eQuiz is one of the products of these technologies. One of his major works is a children's book about India and Indian culture, which is available at

Hey Kids!!
How much do you know about India, its history and culture? Pretty much, right? Now's your chance at testing your India quotient with UNCLE VIJAY'S cool 3D Quiz. Go on, the quiz turns like an actual book, so you can have lots of fun while quizzing.
The top scorer wins a Gift Certificate from Target!! The winners'  name and photo will also be published in Kids Corner. If there is a tie, the first entry will be considered winner. So hurry up, and send in your entry as early as possible. The early bird gets the worm!
Happy Quizzing!!


1. Click here to download a free plug-in to read the quiz (this is to be done only once per computer and takes only a few minutes).

2. Click here to download the Quiz.

3. Save this file and then open it to take the quiz. There are further instructions within the quiz.

Do visit us again on July 1st, to take the next quiz.

INVITING READERS: Would you like to sponsor the 3D Quiz winner's gift one time? The sponsor's name and photo will be published in Kids Corner. Write to us at with 3D Sponsor in the subject line.

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