Preparing for Standardized Testing

Spring time is testing time! Don't let the exam season bog you down. A handy guide for parents, teachers and children.

Just the mention of the word testing makes most teachers (and parents) cringe. There are very few fans of standardized testing working in today’s schools. Testing is usually something that teachers and students have to grin and bear for a few days each spring. While it is true that there is not 
anything that students can study at the last minute to prepare for such a test, there are ways that you can help students prepare for the experience of taking a test. Listed below are some suggestions of how you can help your students maximize their performance on standardized testing.

During the Year:
�Expose kids to a wide variety of reading materials.
�Give kids a chance to read self-selected books in school.
�Expose kids to data, charts, graphs, and maps.
�Incorporate math into everyday activities.
�Teach kids to manage their time.

Prior to the Test:
�Keep a positive attitude!
�Get parents into the picture by keeping them informed.
�Explain why students will be taking the test.
�Tell students what to expect.
�Get students psyched up.
�Teach testing skills to your students.
�Use similar test formats throughout the year.
�Read the test examiner’s manual to prepare yourself.
�Encourage all students to be present and on time on test dates.
�Do not over emphasize the importance of the test. This may cause test anxiety in some students.

During the Test:
�Keep a positive attitude!
�Make sure you have everything that students will need for the test.
�Minimize surprises and noise.
�Carefully explain all directions.
�Encourage students to check their work.
�Monitor that students are recording their answers on the correct place on the answer sheet.
�Ensure that students are working independently.

After the Test:
�Talk with students about the results.
�Allow students to express their feelings after taking the test each day.
�When the test is over, celebrate!

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