Make Your Own Diya

Clay Diyas

*Self-hardening clay
*Sequins, beads, etc.
*Varnish, optional
*Tea light (candle)

Take a chunk of clay the size of a small apple.
Shape clay into a shallow pot, the bowl needs to be large enough to hold the tea light.
With the thumb and forefinger, gently pinch one side of the pot at the top and pull slightly outwards to form a spout (think gravy bowl with out a handle).
Smooth out pot and let dry.
Paint inside and out and dry.
For a more permanent finish add varnish.
Add tea light.

Seashell Diya

*A seashell (a big part of a bi-valve)
*A metal clip to hold the wick in place
* A piece of cork

Stick the cork at the bottom of the shell in such a way that it keeps the shell erect. 
Put the metal clip with the wick at the center of the shell 
Now pour the oil and light your diya.
This diya can also be floated.