One More Time!

Age: 9
Atlanta, GA

What did Britney Spears do when she got run over by a truck?
She sang, 'Hit me baby one more time!"

Just For Laughs

Ages: 10
Atlanta, GA

Once there were two brothers. One was named Shut-up and the other brother was named Trouble. One day Trouble went into the woods and got lost. Shut-up went to the police. He asked the police officer for help.
The police officer said, "What is your name, son?"
"Shut-up," replied Shut-up.
"What did you say?", said the police officer.
"I said Shut-up," said Shut-up.
"Are you looking for Trouble?" said the police officer.
"Yes Sir," said Shut-up!

1.Once upon a time, there were two kids Pete and Repete. One day, Pete fell off a building. Who was left?
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2. There were four flies on a log. I swatted one. How many were left?
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The Threat of the Pizza Monsters!!

(This story was part of Aditya's 4th Grade English assignment)

"Ahh, its a bear!! "cried Crunch. “Knock it off Crunch, it’s not funny anymore ", denounced Munch. Crunch was a ten-year-old boy with a great sense of humor; he really liked ice cream, pranks, jokes, and most of all chocolate. Munch on the other hand liked math, science, movies, animals, and most of all chocolate too. Crunch, Munch, and their classmates were camping out. Their teacher was the head camper. The teacher’s name was Mr.Spinneli, and he was very strict .Oh, and they were all camping in the haunted woods...

“Since you two forgot your essays you shall have to gather the fire wood for our campfire,” said Mr. Spinneli. “Y-y-y-you mean t-t-to g-g-go into these woods?!” exclaimed Crunch and Munch together. “I bet he is going to give you a hundred work sheets if you don’t go,” said Caleb, who was a scout. But Crunch and Munch were gone before you could say twinkle twinkle little star! “Hey Munch, there is some fire wood, I’ll race you to it,” said Crunch. He went dashing towards the fallen tree branches. “Crunch! CRUNCH! Oh, where are you?”, said Munch. He searched through the woods and finally found him staring at an enormous case, the kind that people seldom carry. “Open it,” said Crunch. “Ok”, sighed Munch. But before he could touch the case, it opened on its own! And in it was about a ton of cheese pizzas. “Yum I’m starved…mmm...hey why don’t you munch- munch eat this too?” said Crunch. Munch was already eating the cheese pizzas though. Then both of them turned into some weird pizza monsters.

“What are those things? “, exclaimed Mr.Spinneli .The monsters came to the camp and were making every one eat anchovy pizza. YUCK! Caleb then noticed that these monsters were Crunch and Munch. Then he took some chocolate and threw it at them. Crunch and Munch instantly turned back into humans. “Whew, I am never eating another pizza again!” said Munch.” You said it!” said Crunch. But the question is, who put the pizzas there anyway? A magician? A shaman ?Or a magic pizza guy?? They never knew. 

Answers to Just for Laughs

1. Repete
2. Zero. The other three flew away.