Know Your Rights! 

The Bill of Rights started out as 12 amendments but the State Legislatures only adopted 10. The Bill of Rights were the first 10 amendments added to the American Constitution in 1791. Some people (and states) felt these rights needed to be added to protect their freedom.

*Freedom of speech and the press; freedom to gather in public; freedom to ask the government for help; the government can’t declare an official religion for the country.

*Right to keep and bear arms.

*The government can’t take over people’s houses to put soldiers there.

*Protection from unreasonable search and seizure.

*No one can be tried for the same crime twice; the government can’t take personal property without paying a fair price; people can’t be forced to testify against themselves.

*Right to a speedy and fair trial by jury; right to counsel; right to know the charge.

*Right to a jury trial in civil cases.

*Protection against unfair bail and fines, and against “cruel and unusual punishment.”

*People have many more rights than those listed in the Constitution.

*All powers not given to the federal government by the Constitution go automatically to the people or the states.