Christmas Gifts

Make your own Christmas gifts to give to your teachers, friends, grand parents etc. 

Fridge Magnet

*Light cardboard 
*Christmas wrapping paper 
*Glue or tape 
*Adhesive magnets (can be bought in strips or individually) 
*Cotton string or narrow ribbon 
*Piece of white paper cut an inch smaller then the cardboard 
*Pen or computer

Cut out cardboard 3 inches x 4.25 inches (size is up to you). Wrap your "gift" with the wrapping paper. Type or write out a message on the white paper for example: 
May the wonder of Christmas fill your heart with peace. Joy and love 
Roses are red fruitcake is edible hope that the new year is truly incredible! 
In this most magical season may you find peace, love and joy. 
Something personal like you are a wonderful person or I promise to think of you each day throughout the year. 
Don't forget to sign your name! 
Glue your message on the back of your package, leave enough room for the magnet. Affix a small strip of magnet to the top/back, above your message 
Tie the string or ribbon around the package and tie a bow (you can secure the string with a little glue. Your Gift is ready to give!

Pebbled Candles

Sauce pan, small cans, a teaspoon, paper towels, old candles for chunks.

To make chunks (pebbles), fill small cans with water and place them in pan filled with water; place pan over medium-low heat. Cut colored candles into small chunky pieces. Put one small chunk in a teaspoon and dip chunk into hot water in can for about two to four seconds. This will melt the outside surface of chunk. With spoon, immediate remove chunk from water and place it on sheet of paper toweling for one second (just to drain off excess water and for easier handling). While chunk is still soft, press it firmly on your candle. Place another chunk in teaspoon and into hot water and repeat process above. Place warm chunk next to chunk on candle. Repeat to cover all around sides of candle.
(Source: McCall's Book of Handcrafts).

Toothpick Ornament

*A box of rounded tooth picks 
*White glue 
*Old Christmas cards 
*1 sheet of cardboard 
*Spool of thread 

Cut out a square of cardboard 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" - this will be your stencil 
pick out a favorite Christmas Card and position your stencil over the area you want to cut out. 
Trace around the stencil.
Cut out on the lines 
Put a small amount of glue around the edges of the cutout Christmas card 
begin placing toothpicks by 3's or 2's, first on one edge then the next until all 4 sides make a frame. 
Place a "roof" at the top of the frame. 
Allow the glue to dry.
When glue is dry take a length of thread, double it and tie it to the top of the roof. .Make the loop long enough to fit on the branch of a Christmas tree.