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Kids do us proud! Calling all 4-12 yr-olds to submit essays, poems, drawings, paintings, riddles, fun facts, quizzes, anecdotes, Yu-gi-oh strategies...
Pls email your contributions to Selected entries will be published in this column.
Don: A Class Act

Age 12
Grade 7: Jackson Heights Middle School
Oviedo, Florida

What can you say about the movie Don? Personally, I thought it was a terrible film. It wasnít the acting, plot, or storylines. It was the ending. The movie had me loving it until the last 10 minutes. 

In Indian movies, there is always a moral at the end -- that good always defeats evil. Well, this movie defies that concept and breaks that code. It had twists and turns like all thrillers should, but the end was too twisted. I know I may be overreacting but come on! The ending shocked and disappointed me! If you havenít seen this movie and are planning to do so, do not stay till the ending. Leave 10 minutes before it ends and it will be your favorite movie.

You donít have to accept my opinion. The music isnít bad. The acting is good. There is some gore. There are lots of thrills and a lot of violence. And it has a little comedy. It has its high points and its low points. You have to be pretty smart to understand it the first time you see it. I mean it is hard to tell who is bad and who is good until you get 90% into the movie. If you like unpredictable movies this is it! Overall the movie is a lot of fun but the twists and turns and especially the ending ruined it. That is my opinion of Don!

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